Laundromats & Coin Laundry For Sale

Laundromat with Property and Restaurant on Premises

Brooklyn, New York

Quaint laundromat nestled in a residential neighborhood. Street parking is accessible. Laundromat is located off a busy thoroughfare. Customers can choose free pick-up and deliv...

Asking Price:$1,799,000

Profitable Dry Cleaner with Low Overhead

Broward County, Florida

This dry cleaner is conveniently located in a large shopping center off a busy highway. A paved parking lot is available to customers. Storefront can be easily seen from the roa...

Asking Price:$220,000

Corner Laundromat in Hot Location for Sale

Queens, New York

This laundromat is located on a street corner and sees lots of traffic. Laundromat is surrounded by residential communities and is easily accessible. Inside contains 16 washers ...

Asking Price:$220,000

Neighborhood Lucrative Laundromat in Dense Residential Area

Ridgewood, New York

This laundromat is located on a busy street and surrounded by apartments. Street parking is available. Inside is well-kept and contains 82 machines, featuring 40 washers and 42 ...

Asking Price:$450,000

Self Sustaining Ultra Modern Laundromat With Parking For Sale.

New York, New York

Eye-catching location facing a busy, four-lane road. This laundromat sits in a small shopping strip with lots of foot traffic. Parking is accessible in front of the building and...

Asking Price:$1,699,000

$100k Net Turnkey Laundromat For Sale (Absentee)

Valley Stream, New York

This laundromat sits in a high-traffic shopping plaza at the corner of an intersection. The plaza has two entrances, one from a busy throughfare, and the other from a side stree...

Asking Price:$950,000

Absentee Laundromat with New Machines

Staten Island, New York

Prominent storefront location in class A shopping center. Contains 44 total machines featuring 22 Dexter washers and 22 Dexter dryers, only three years old. This business is loc...

Asking Price:$355,000

High Quality Laundromat For Sale

New York

  This laundromat is located in a shopping strip with a large parking lot. Storefront faces a four-lane road at the intersection, attracting denser traffic and higher visib...

Asking Price:$199,000